How it works

We help you save money on energy bills, make your home more comfortable to live in, reduce waste, and to protect the safety of your family.

1. You tell us about your home.

Complete the online form

You'll complete our "SELF CHECK HOME INVENTORY FORM" so we can better understand and assess your homes energy use.

Or print and mail the paper form

You can download a printable version of the form here.

Mail to L.I.G.H. - 281 Phelps Lane, Room 24,
North Babylon NY 11703.
Call (631) 422-4411 for support

Before you start, you'll need access to your energy data

In addition to the form, you will be asked to provide your two most recent years of utility usage data; that includes your electricity, oil, and/or gas. We don't need billing details, only what you consumed (electricity is listed in kw/h, oil in gallons delivered, and gas in ccf or therms). If you don't have this information, please request it from your utility providers by calling or visiting their websites.

Guides to access energy data

This information gives us a good indication of whether or not the LIGH program is potentially right for you.

Start by filling out our self check home inventory form →

2. You get a home performance evaluation.

We receive your information, review it and call you to schedule a Home Performance Evaluation.

This is a 2-3 hour specialized test of your home performed by a Town-licensed, BPI Accredited energy auditor.

This test will give you a complete diagnostic breakdown of your home's energy efficiency.

After the test, you'll be given a comprehensive report

What's in the comprehensive report?
  • Exactly where and how your home is potentially wasting energy
  • Solutions on how to fix those issues
  • A fixed cost for each recommended improvement
  • Projected dollar savings on your utility bills for each recommended improvement if you choose to do the work.

Whether or not you decide to participate in the program, this energy audit will give you a clear picture of exactly where your home needs improvement from an energy efficiency standpoint.

Since this test is very time & labor intensive, we want to make sure you're at least willing to consider our energy auditor's advice on how to fix the problems he finds. To accomplish this, we require a $250 fee at the time of the audit. We no longer charge $250 for the audit.

Free or low-cost energy audits are available through NYSERDA's Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program for residential customers.

3. We do the upgrade work.

The work only takes between one and three days to complete.

We assign you a Home Performance Specialist to do the work for your property. Once a work scope is agreed upon, we'll draw up a contract and make the recommended energy-efficiency improvements to your home that you choose to have completed.

4. We help you pay for it.

If you like, the LIGH program can finance the cost of the work for you.

The program will pay the contractor the entire cost of the energy-efficiency improvements. Under a separate contract with the homeowner, the Town sets up a monthly payment plan with you to pay us back over time for the cost of the work.

This financing option includes a fixed 3% interest rate, and the payments can be transferred to the next homeowner if you move. *The buyer must agree to assume payments and the LIGH program must be informed 90 days prior to sale.

Because these improvements are permanent fixtures to your home, every homeowner qualifies for the financing – there is no need to provide any personal credit score or financial history.

Instead of paying inflated electric, oil or gas bills, you pay for the energy efficiency improvements from your utility bill savings. So you'll be paying less than you are now, and your home will be GREEN!

Start by filling out our self check home inventory form →